The Real Da Vinci Code – Leonardo da Vinci

30 May

The Real Da Vinci Code, hosted by Baldrick, was on ABC last night. It could have been, indeed I am sure was, interesting. The site on the head link above certainly is interesting, and I must remember to add it to my Salt Mine book rap on the subject. I am a Da Vinci Code sceptic.

There is of course much made in The Da Vinci Code of this in “The Last Supper”:

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Is that a woman I saw you with last night? No, it was the Apostle John.

There is of course a different theory to the Mary Magdalene one Dan Brown lifted from Holy Blood, Holy Grail and that is that “the beloved disciple” really was just that, and that Leonardo, as a man whose sexuality was indeed ambivalent, gave that quite a literal turn. If anything this theory is more convincing than the other one, if equally speculative. For more, see WAS / IS YESHUA OF NAZARETH (JESUS CHRIST) GAY? on Religious, very much an exercise in “on-the-one-hand-but-then-on-the-other” but interesting. I don’t find it blasphemous, in fact I find it rather inspiring.

But I felt it best not to raise the matter too clearly on the Salt Mine Site. I think I have enough there anyway to support any students who are coming to terms with being gay, and there are always some.

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