01 Jun

It just isn’t possible to be a grumpy old man these days, especially an enlightened one such as myself (tongue in cheek of course), without recourse to the wonderful Don Watson who, as Paul Keating’s speech writer, no doubt had quite an input (he’d hate that) into the marvellous Redfern Speech I referred to a few days ago.

Yesterday, despite having a Great Book Clearance ongoing, I simply could not pass on Don Watson’s Dictionary of Weasel Words, Contemporary Cliches, Cant & Management Jargon, Random House Australia, 2004 at the remainder shop price of $8.95. Do read the (PDF) Introduction.

When you get the dictionary after that, as you probably will, look up chattering classes and elite for some brilliant bits of sheer anger, and quite justified too in my opinion.

  • I was very pleased to see “Marcel Proust” has followed us to Blogspot, leaving a comment yesterday at the entry on the Salt Mine students going to the movies.
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