Probiotics, Acidophilus, Inner Health, IBS.

06 Jun


Touch wood, but a similar product to these (acidophilus) is offering the best hope so far for that Irritable Bowel I have been suffering (in varying degrees) for the past six months. It would appear that the antibiotics I had to take because of that tooth problem from December to March did nasty things to the gut…

Along with Blackmore’s Digestive Aid, which is herbal: marshmallow, fennel, ginger, gentian, anise and peppermint. In the past slippery elm used to help keep things in order, but it is virtually unobtainable in Sydney these days. (HEY! Blackmore’s have it.)

Blackmore’s have a good page for GOMs like me.

I do miss Dr Banquo too; one could chat through such issues with him; not so easy now.

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