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I tweaked a few noses in June 2003…

Two years ago I was being very provocative, as I found when I was doing a bit of maintenance over at my old diary site*:-

The following heresies may or may not be uttered tongue-in-cheek.

  • That Rugby should be banned at school level.
  • That decolonisation having been a very mixed blessing indeed, the United Nations should recolonise certain basket-case republics as soon as possible.
  • That whenever an Australian government says “reform” these days, they usually mean “retreat” or “regression.”
  • Let’s admit that bloody hopelessness and self-pity are the main problems of many Australian Aborigines, and not reward them.
  • That the best cure for the excesses of the new NSW HSC English Syllabuses would be to make teachers sit for the exams.
  • I finish with a heresy not my own, which I reread just today with some delight: Mark Twain’s “Advice to Youth” (whole text there) which people like our PM and other leaders would do well to note. Perhaps they do:
  • Now as to the matter of lying. You want to be very careful about lying; otherwise you are nearly sure to get caught. … Many a young person has injured himself permanently with a single clumsy and illfinished lie, the result of carelessness born of incomplete training. Some authorities hold that the young should not lie at all. That, of course, is putting it rather stronger than necessary…

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