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A rather witty person has just posted this on Kagoul:

Now that metrosexuality is claiming what were previously seen as “gay” male attributes such as designer furniture, designer clothers, grooming products, face-value evaluation, general concern with looks etc I am proposing that the time has come for homosexualists to give away the label “gay” along with all the lovely designer clothes, consumerism, cocktails and canapes that go with it and move on.

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Maybe we could create a formal handover ceremony or maybe the handover should be gradual, with us ceding Calvin Klein underwear one month in order to give all those eager straight boys time to amass a week’s worth and then Dolce e Gabana T’s the next?

So with that in mind what you like to give away??

The pic above is to remind you what a metrosexual looks like 😉

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The acute Amanda Lohrey


Amanda Lohrey used to have dreams about Paul Keating, is not attracted to short men, and does a reasonable Fay Weldon impression. These are just some of the things I learn about her during the course of our interview, along with the fact that she is down to earth, mercurial and almost recklessly forthcoming, resulting in our conversation often being punctuated with “that’s obviously off the record”.

She is also technologically challenged, and we spend the first couple of minutes working out how to switch off her mobile phone. That achieved, the discussion turns to the topic currently preoccupying many politicians and much of the media: the work-life balance. This is the subject of Lohrey’s new novel, the Philosopher’s Doll, which focuses on a professional couple in their late 30s struggling with the issue of when to have children. Much of the book deals with an intense few weeks in which the wife, Kirsten, has actually become pregnant and is deciding when to tell her husband, Lindsay, while he, completely unaware of this biological incident, is arranging to buy her a dog in order to temporarily satisfy her procreative yearnings. ..

I have just made a start on this Surry Hills Library treasure. A taste:
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Outback House

I really was impressed with this new ABC program which premiered last night at 7.30. It really does give one pause to consider how one’s ancestors lived in this country, and some of mine would have lived like this. In fact, I have in my childhood met people who in their childhoods did live like this… Unpleasant, removing still-born (half-born) lambs from birth passages of ewes…

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