Lazy day

17 Jun

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI am going to The Mine on Monday instead of today, so in a few minutes I am off to check Cafe Omelette in Devonshire Street, the revamped Cafe Max, which is now open.

Yesterday at The Mine I made myself feel old thus. There has been a boy in Year 12 who has quite literally been rearranging the school, with the boss’s blessing. Pictures, honour boards, and so on are being distributed all over, and I have to say the results look good. This boy has a talent for interior design, not that anyone should form stereotypical judgments based just on that of course. Well outside Betsy B’s room there are now several vintage honour boards. I discovered on one my Year 8 French teacher was honoured in the school for something or other in 1905.

Now that is one hundred years ago! When that pic was taken!

So how old does that make me?

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