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Breakfast in Surry Hills

The Rabbit was an early riser today, as I found him already breakfasting in The Coffee Roaster when I came downstairs around 8 am. He has an exam starting around about now…

And the rather silly novel I have been reading is Key of Light by Nora Roberts (London, Piatkus 2003). It is entertaining but, deep down, incredibly childish really. Children would however prefer Harry Potter.

” I am a popular writer and proud of it,” Nora Roberts told Publisher’s Weekly in 1998, and as J D Robb she has written some fair-enough SF/Crime Fiction crossovers. In the one I am reading now “mortal women quest to unlock the spellbound souls of ancient demigoddesses” and, incidentally (a real American touch this) may score ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Rarely have God and Mammon lived together so happily, but it all goes down well at the box office, as they say.

But I am being mildly entertained.

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