Daily Archives: July 1, 2005

July has come…

This entry has been recycled. For a reason

In view of recent developments and today’s stop-work meetings it seems appropriate to see why the workers have always needed to unite to protect their rights and interests, and while this obviously inconveniences employers and shareholders, they ought to do so in any society which aspires to any degree of economic and political freedom. The current Australian government in hell-bent on removing organised labour from the equation, alleging this is in fact a bonus for workers’ individual rights. The fact is the only power workers have is collective power, and the big end of town, the supporters of John Howard, and sadly too many ordinary (aspirational?) folk have been sucked into Howard’s way of thinking, partly because, it has to be admitted, many unions or union leaders fell into the trap of power themselves, or became unnecessarily bloody-minded, or too ideologically driven.

Mind you, the current government is the most ideologically driven one since Whitlam’s, and does it far more successfully.

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