04 Jul

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While the Live-8 concerts were going on elsewhere, Lord Malcolm and I were (perhaps ironically) tucking into the excellent food at the Captain Cook Hotel. His $7 steak was just perfect, and Lord Malcolm did it pretty fair justice, a good thing always in his case. I had the lamb and pumpkin hotpot and strongly recommend it (at just $10.50) for winter eating.

Afterwards we met up with Sirdan at The Oxford who had been unable to come to lunch as he had been at work all morning. Things seem to be very busy in the printing/graphic arts area right now.

Sirdan and B. propose going to see The War of the Worlds on Tuesday, and certainly it looks good. Margaret and David thought so, I saw last night. Back to Tuesday’s plan: I forgot that my coaching is ongoing and is now Tuesday 4 pm to 6 pm! Damn!

I really enjoyed Outback House last night: the Wedding episode. I loved the travelling Sikh hawker, Karan Singh, and in fact one of my earliest memories is of such a hawker, though not a Sikh, an old widow in black that used to travel Sutherland Shire in the 1940s and whom we kids unkindly called “the Old Black Crow”. Not that Sutherland was in The Outback, but it was still a touch rural in the 1940s. I also reflected on the fact that for all her childhood my mother lived in places where there was no electricity or piped water, in conditions probably not unlike those reenacted on this program.

On the other hand, skinny, urban, gay guy Dan Hatch, the failed-shepherd-turned-gardener, was amusing but perhaps a little too 21st century in his ruminations on his plight as the only gay in the village, if you see what I mean.

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Makes you think about life for 19th century guys in the same position though. Perhaps Adam Carr gives us some idea in “Meeting Nineteenth-Century Gay Man”.

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