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Uniting Network home page.


While I often rage against bigotry, and while I deplore the awful backward surge of so much 21st century religion towards reaction, authoritarianism, and the inhuman face of “God”, there are honourable exceptions. Like this.

Study it. I am.

I notice South Sydney (Redfern, Waterloo) is listed as an “open and affirming” congregation.

The Reverend Dorothy McRae-McMahon (retired now) is a parishioner, I believe. In response to the Bali bombing she wrote for the Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney this order of service:
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Duncan Macleod

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London forces a liberal rethink

I dealt with this typical Akerman contribution to the destruction of harmony in our society last week in my more public mode. So I won’t bother with his substandard logic and ersatz patriotism this time.

It is disturbing to reflect, though, that my genocidal friend yesterday admits his opinions derive from The Daily Telegraph and talk-back radio. By driving the debate in this polarised fashion, by blurring distinctions that must be made if any sane discourse on the current world situation is to be even possible, and by even more reprehensibly doing this for the sake of “ratings” rather than truth, is more than irresponsible. It is actually HELPING the cause of terrorism. Fomenting hate in such a broad-brush manner to include all of a group, such as all Muslims, or at least so the vulnerable and uncritical readers and listeners take it whatever the hired mouth might really think, is in fact to give ammunition to those who say: see, they hate you, they don’t accept you, they are at war with you.

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Your God is too small


Some fifty years ago I can remember the saintly (in the best sense) Reverend Cam Williamson of Sutherland Presbyterian Church recommending a book by J. B. Phillips, excellent New Testament translator, called Your God Is Too Small. I am delighted to see others recall it:
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