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Next Sunday

I am going to church. To South Sydney Uniting, in fact. It is time to seek fellowship with like-minded people.

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Who in God’s name are "THEY"?

Western people should be aware of the many dramatically different shades of opinion in the Muslim world. There are too many lazy, unexamined assumptions about Islam, which tends to be regarded as an amorphous, monolithic entity. Remarks such as “They hate our freedom” may give some a righteous glow, but are not useful because they are rarely accompanied by a rigorous analysis of who exactly “they” are… — Karen Armstrong

That is from what I now see to be one of the most relevant and timely posts I have ever put on my Tripod English and ESL site. I was over at the girls school today, having been given some poems written by a Year 12 student there to comment on, and the Head of English there, an old friend, and I agreed the world had indeed gone mad lately. “Can you believe,” said Tess, “someone told me talk-back radio yesterday was wall-to-wall ‘why I hate Muslims’.”

Sadly, I can believe it. And it is utterly wrong. Hating “them”, whoever “they” might be, and most people have no idea who “they” actually are, is just as wrong as “they” hating “us.” The hate is the disease. More hate is never the solution.

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Muslims unite – it’s time to disown terror

This has to be good news, but I think it really is up to those of us who happen not to be Muslims, indeed even people like me who find the most congenial expression of Islam to be that taken by the good folk at The Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS), who no more believe the Qu’ran to have been authored by God than I do, to acknowledge that our society is actually in the grip of paranoia and redneckery far more than should be the case: the fact is the majority of Muslims in this country, and probably in the world, have never endorsed the actions of Osama Bin Laden and his like: unlike the CIA who once funded him and his cohorts when they were attacking those evil commie bastards…

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