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Salt Mine and Islamic Students

I would refer you to their site, but it is on, and at the moment (at least here in the Internet Cafe) that very dodgy service is generating online crashes in Internet Explorer. NEVER hook your site to! It sucks bigtime.

Then some malicious person may have sabotaged them: it did happen once before.

I was at the Mine this morning, after breakfast coffee at The Roaster with The Rabbit, who had to be at his Mine at 9.00 am also. No Bob Carr sighting today. But there were lots of NSW police and Australian Federal Police Protective Service officers (“the principal provider of efficient, cost-effective & reliable protective security and custodial services for, and on behalf of, the Commonwealth Government”) arresting someone in Elizabeth Street. The fun was over by the time The Rabbit arrived, and the AFPP people came in and had coffee…

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US admits defeat in war on semantics

There are times the most significant stories get buried. For those of us who thought George Bush’s simplistic rhetoric was a real problem there is some comfort, I suppose.
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