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Last night’s Australian Story was an antidote to my own prejudices, even if I still regard Hillsong as, well, weird and even if the unsustainable views they and similar folk have of the Bible really can have horrendous consequences for the individual and society. (See for example Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse.) On the other hand, Pastor Houston did say, I am glad to note:
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And the bush has friends to greet you…

I really enjoyed the last episode of Outback House on Sunday night: the series has been an excellent history lesson, the kind of “reality tv” that is actually worthwhile. It had been lovingly mounted and researched in depth and got as near as could be to what it must have been like in 1861 to be on the land in NSW, even if the whitewash was liberally applied to the question of relations with the Aboriginal population.

Coming to the present century, last night’s Four Corners was a salutary reminder to the rest of us about the facts of life in the bush today; we city-dwellers too easily lose touch with the reality that sustains us. In this respect, all power to the National Party for looking like they might actually rein in that Yank Trujillo (ominous name) who seems to have a lot to learn about the place of Telstra in our national life. Mind you, I am of the view that successive governments, Labor and Liberal, should be shot (metaphorically) for wanting to sell Telstra off in the first place.

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