02 Aug

Last night’s Australian Story was an antidote to my own prejudices, even if I still regard Hillsong as, well, weird and even if the unsustainable views they and similar folk have of the Bible really can have horrendous consequences for the individual and society. (See for example Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse.) On the other hand, Pastor Houston did say, I am glad to note:

Our church is autonomous and the movement that I lead, the Assemblies of God is also autonomous. In other words, we’re not answering to an American church, or no American church is telling us what to do. I think we’re an Australian church, we’re called to reach Australians and that’s where our focus is.

I think the religious right in the United States is actually a long way from where I would see me being. I remember hearing one guy say when 9/11 happened, that it was the judgement of God. And that would repulse me as much as it would repulse anybody else. I don’t want to be like that religious right. I look at the church in America and its American culture and American context and frankly I don’t think it would even work here. I think we need to have an Aussie church. And so, I clearly want our church to stay Aussie, not to be too impacted by American culture.

Well thank God for that, as the last thing Australia needs is Landover Baptist Church, on which Wikipedia is interesting.

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