Indigo Jo Blogs Patrick Sookhdeo on moderate Islam

08 Aug

Do read this as a counterweight to what I said below about Patrick Sookhdeo’s Spectator article. The same blogger in another entry offers an interesting insight by a person called Abu Zakarya into Hizb ut Tahreer and the marks of bigotry in what he saw first-hand bear the strongest family resemblance to the cultic thinking one can find in many a fundamentalist Christian church.

The blogger, Yusuf (or Matthew) Smith, a British Muslim, is “very hostile to Wahhabism and (even more so) to newfangled political-Islam ideologies like that of Hizb-ut-Tahrir.” What he is saying is well worth attending to. This is precisely the kind of voice we need to take notice of and must hope to hear more and more.

And yes, while I still regard the Sookhdeo article as important and at least partly right, Yusuf’s rebuttal is necessary reading. We are all only too prone to go off half-cocked about things we regard as “alien”.

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