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Mossie matters, Aussie matters

…The first and foremost strategy for Australians Muslims in the present situation is to completely ignore all the bad behaviours and bad actions against them by the ignorant and ill-mannered persons. Gross discriminations and physical assaults must be reported to the authorities in a unagitated manner to let the Australian Law deal with them. To get panicked and agitated and to take the law in one’s own hand is not allowed in Islam. Such actions tend to stir racial feelings. Any bad remark and abuse should not be publicised much. Rather, such things should be ignored.

Before looking into other faces, every Muslim should look into the mirror to scrutinise oneself. Every Muslim should understand the Islamic behaviour as taught by Allah and His Prophet and then check whether he/she is following that or not. For example Islam never allows the vices done by human beings – exploitation, injustice, aggression, killing innocent people, attacking a country, bombing the population, suicide bombings, etc. Allah, the only one God, the Creator, the Controller and the Master of the universe is in knowledge of all the thinking, ideas and planning of human beings and is also watching their every action. Every person is answerable to God for all the deeds, ideas and planning performed in this world…

So a Muslim has to see that no terrorism prevails in the surroundings. First of all this stopping of terrorism by others should be done by persuasion, not by compulsion and then if still terrorism continues on, it must be reported to authorities to get it stopped through Australian Laws…

That was written by a Sydney high school student in 2004. Read the rest of this entry »


Policy: The Muslim ‘Marginal’ Man by Tanveer Ahmed

It isn’t every day I thoroughly endorse something from the leading Australian right-wing think tank, the Centre for Independent Studies, but in the light of The Rabbit’s blog today, which I found unfortunate to say the least, this is well worth reading. Behind what The Rabbit wrote was a genuine concern about Islamic schools, which I must say has also occurred to me: but then much the same can be said about all religious schools. There is a line of thought that suggests we should all have the same secular education, but our society has endorsed the concept of “choice” hasn’t it?

There are also the well-publicised stories of the dark side of Muslim Sydney, especially in the tabloid media. And there are problems. At the same time, it is worthwhile to take a leaf from what Vlad Korotkov had to say about the Aboriginal population here in Surry Hills/Redfern (see earlier today). There are real problems here too, and I have been on the receiving end of them. (Think “laptop”.) But it isn’t the whole story, and to have the worst of whatever group form our attitudes to the whole group is never a good look; this equally applies of course to Muslim conceptions of people outside their own group. Tribalism is a bloody bad idea wherever it happens.
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HREOC Website: Isma – Listen

…We can do more to counter anti-Arab and anti-Muslim prejudice through education programs that promote positive awareness of cultural and religious diversity among Australians. We can also challenge negative stereotyping by encouraging better communication between government, non-government and media organisations and Arab and Muslim communities and assisting communities to challenge negative stereotyping. Supporting and strengthening Arab and Muslim community organisations to develop and participate in projects which address discrimination and vilification is essential. Ensuring that both Arab and Muslim Australians have adequate legal protection from discrimination and vilification is also vital. Currently, there is no federal law which makes discrimination or vilification on the basis of religion unlawful and only piecemeal coverage of religious discrimination and vilification across the states and territories. A federal law would ensure there is a national ‘safety net’ protecting everyone around the country from religious discrimination and vilification. Read the rest of this entry »

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