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The Crusades Through Arab Eyes by Amin Maalouf. New York: Schocken, 1987

In this and similar posts, always bear in mind what I say about the purpose of this blog: to clarify ideas for myself, and then maybe for others. What I am really wrestling with is what attitude is best calculated to minimise the harmful effects of division in a culturally diverse society such as ours is, especially in the current world climate, not as some ideal but as a matter of fact and practice. As an ESL teacher who has been necessarily concerned with multicultural matters, and as one who in his own life has lived an intercultural experience, these things matter a lot to me. In most Sydney and suburban schools these things are part of the daily round as well, if not for much longer in my case.

I read this some years ago, borrowed (of course) from Surry Hills Library.
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ISLAM: Resistance and reform – NI 345 – A’ishah’s legacy

See this:

As the term ‘Islamic feminism’ gained currency in the 1990s through scholars and activists, it would clarify the perspective of a large number of women somewhere between Islamists and secular feminists. While they would not give up their allegiance to Islam as an essential part of self-determination and identity they did critique patriarchal control over the basic Islamic world-view. Islamic feminism did not define these women, and many still reject the term. However, the term helped others to understand the distinction between them and the two dominant approaches for Muslim women’s rights.

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