About the St Matthias Churches

22 Aug

It is of course a recognised ploy, with the sincerest good reasons like stopping young persons from going to Hell, that fundamentalists and literalists target adolescents. Even the Pope is at it. The Mine Christian group and the protestant classes in non-compulsory Scripture — not to mention the University of NSW — have long been captured by the keen young things from The Church of the Holy Jensens, advocating “divine inspiration and infallibility of Holy Scripture, as originally given, and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.”

Not Bishop Holloway’s sort of religion at all, but of course hardly a threat to the Australian way of life, whatever longterm effects it may have on the sanity, or balance at least, of those who become involved. Certainty is awfully appealing to the young, who also tend to see in black and white — not only the young there either, sadly. I should know, having been a teenage Calvinist — just like the St Matthias lot actually.

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