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The author spoke back!

Remember my brief note on 22 September when I mentioned The Millenium Matrix by M Rex Miller? Well, Rex Miller has left a comment there: “Interesting tie to racism. I’d like to see you elaborate more. I do agree that in a state of vertigo people and groups will withdraw into narrower circles of self-reinforcement. There will be a select group of ‘ins’ and then those who are a threat…” Read the rest of this entry »

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Put schools in parents’ care: Nelson

Think about it. Can you see any problems with this? Take the word “equity” for starters… Are all communities well placed to fulfil this particular fantasy? By all means continue what is happening, and involve parents and the community even more than we do now, but really, really think this through.

Kim Beazley, on the other hand, must have read a letter I wrote to The Sydney Morning Herald in 1968 or 1969, where I advocated pretty much what he is advocating now. And the Australian Capital Territory has been actually doing this for thirty years!
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Auschwitz: The Nazis and the ‘Final Solution’

Have you ever thought that racism has proven far more lethal in the past century than terrorism has? Explore Anup Shah’s site for an overview and links.

I constantly wonder why, for want of a better term, mental illnesses like racism and extreme fundamentalism are on the rise, and why so many are turning to one kind of simplistic authoritarianism or another. There are some clues in a book which is itself somewhat breathlessly simplistic: The Millennium Matrix (2004) by M Rex Miller. He speaks of “vertigo” in the postmodern world we inhabit, whether we choose to or not. There’s a lot in that. Vertigo can do weird things to the perception.

I had to steel myself to watch this on Thursday nights on ABC. But it is I think a must see. If you doubt my assertion a that racism has been even more lethal than terrorism, watch this series. As the Sydney Morning Herald reviewer points out, it is the first time that a thorough documentary has appeared which includes those who actually carried out the “Final Solution”; the disturbing thing is that many of these people are “just folks”, that the policy was much more ad hoc than some earlier accounts have led us to believe, and that the engine driving it really was racism. Ordinary folks’ racism, not just the crazy ideology of Hitler and his entourage. Read the rest of this entry »

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