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Insights – Uniting Church magazine online

There was some rejoicing at church today, as this outcome was better than it might have been.

In the end, Synod decided it didn’t want to decide on one proposal and could only bring itself to pass half of the second.

Into the too hard basket went the proposal from Jonathon Rae and the Rev. Rex Hunt that Synod advise next year’s national Assembly that New South Wales accepted the participation of gay and lesbian people, including those in committed relationships, within the life of the church and their appointment from time to time in leadership positions arising from their own and their congregations’ understanding of the call of God.

Synod resolved that it did not need to decide on the proposal, despite the executive director of UnitingCare, the Rev. Harry Herbert, saying it was merely a statement of fact. Read the rest of this entry »

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I had an email the other day that cheered me up.

This is [name] from the class of 2003 and I’m glad to see that your [English and ESL] site has gone from useful to delightful.

I still remember studying your charming compilation of Chinese stories and cultural insights back in Year 10, and I hope that they are still as welcome in the classroom.

I held dreams of writing my own novels back in Year 12 (and diverted a significant part of my study time to keep an ideas journal), but that fell through …

Now, I’ve resolved to get started on this path because I’ve identified this as a dream too important to leave unrealised.

I gave him a few leads, and he replied:

Thanks for the leads and I’ll pursue them before signing up.

I’d very much like to meet you in person again, so if you have no objections, please let me know when you’ll be on school grounds. One of my biggest regrets in High School was that I never discussed deeper issues with the teachers – my standard schoolboy questions hardly did justice to their years of colourful experience. I did a bit of this in Year 12, and a lot of it now in Uni, but I would’ve loved to have talked more with you when in your classes. I hope it’s not too late?

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