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Insight :: Special Edition from Jakarta (SBS)

This was a really important program, a chance to get past our own insularity and to see things in a far more nuanced way. The sad thing is probably only a tiny fraction of the population will have seen it compared with those who read Akerman’s rant today in the Telegraph, or who are tuned into talkback radio.

It’s just over a year since our embassy in Jakarta was severely damaged by a terrorist bomb, and it’s almost three years since 88 Australians were killed by bombs placed in nightclubs in Bali. And now terrorists have again caused havoc in Bali, with Australian tourists among the dead and injured.

Some Australians fear that Indonesia is becoming a haven for Islamic extremists. There’s anger that Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir is serving a jail sentence of less than two years for his role in terrorist bombings, while Schapelle Corby faces twenty years for allegedly smuggling marijuana into Bali. We’ve had plenty to say about these events, but what do Indonesians think? To find out, Jenny Brockie travelled to Jakarta to speak to community leaders, politicians, and journalists for this special edition of INSIGHT.

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