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Insight ARCHIVES – October, 2005 :: SBS

The transcript of last night’s program is up. Here are some selected highlights.

Our guests included Yenny Wahid, the daughter of the former Indonesian president – she once worked as a journalist for the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ – also Desi Anwar, the senior newsreader for Metro TV where we recorded our program, Wimar Witoelar, a former presidential advisor and a well-known commentator and Angelina Sondakh, a former Miss Indonesia and a Member of Parliament…

JENNY BROCKIE: So do you feel Indonesia gets simplified as a nation? Lots of nodding here.

YENNY WAHID: Any news in the world about other countries always gets simplified. It’s just the nature of the media, in my opinion. And also, in my – I think that most people are very provincial, be it Indonesians, Australians, Americans, you know, any countries. I mean, they tend to look at things from their own perspective. So the media, in a way, has to follow that dictate, you know, otherwise, people won’t really understand the story. So, in that process, the nuances get lost.

JENNY BROCKIE: And what are the nuances? Tell me about the nuances of Indonesia.

YENNY WAHID: Well, you know, the fact that – Read the rest of this entry »

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Indonesia Journal Blogger Indonesia: There’s something about Religion

Indonesia Journal Blogger Indonesia: There’s something about Religion

The English is erratic, but the sentiments from this young Indonesian Muslim writer are worth attending to.

…in the end, I told them that as far as we don’t put the religion back into its basic position, as a guidance to the peacefullness of human inner feeling, it still and will become a tool of many ambitious individuals, societies, countries and civilizations to attack and slander each other. As history wisely told us.

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Our Citizens, Governments, and Corporations


“Governments only ever do the right thing to the extent that they are browbeaten and shamed into it by their citizens. If citizens sit back and accept that governments can’t or won’t behave responsibly and ethically, then governments can pursue money and power shamelessly.

If, however, citizens refuse to be ignored and marginalized, then governments sometimes respond decently. This has happened from time to time, for example in 1970, when the overwhelming support of the public prodded the federal government into introducing public health care over the hysterical opposition of doctors’ associations and insurance companies.

It also happened in the 1840s when a bunch of poor farmers forced the Crown to make public education a core principle of the British North America act, against the will of the aristocrats who believed that educating farmers was a waste of money.

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