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Norman Levitt: I wish the world was SIMPLE!

That’s not mathematician Levitt’s actual title; his bilious rant — but that’s OK, I do it too — is labelled “Academic strife: the American University in the slough of despond. By preaching the virtues of ‘cultural competence’, the academy betrays its lack of confidence.” He objects to:

Cultural competence requires that individuals and organisations:

a) Have a defined set of values and principles, demonstrated behaviours, attitudes, policies and structures that enable them to work effectively in a cross-cultural manner;

b) Demonstrate the capacity to 1) value diversity, 2) engage in self-reflection, 3) manage the dynamics of difference, 4) acquire and institutionalise cultural knowledge, and 5) adapt to the diversity and the cultural contexts of the communities they serve;

c) Incorporate and advocate the above in all aspects of leadership, policymaking, administration, practice and service delivery while systematically involving staff, students, families, key stakeholders and communities.

Well, I cringe at some of that, or rather my eyes glaze over a bit, but I see nothing wrong with (b), for one: to me that translates as “deal with things as they in fact are.”

After that Levitt descends into nonsense. Read the rest of this entry »

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