Do you hate Islam?

12 Nov

That’s a challenge from “21st Century Kashmiri Nomad” and fair enough too.

Islam has been here for quite a while infact for over 1400 years but since the events of the last couple of years it appears that everyone has suddenly become an expert on Islam. There are those that are experts in Quranic exegesis, those that are expert in interpretation of the Prophetic traditions, those that expert in the inner intricacies of the Shariah, those that are expert in Arabic linguistics and those that are expert in Muslim cultures and societies anywhere from North Africa in the West to Indonesia in the East. With all of this expertise coming from watching a few television items and surfing the net for material…

I do try to do a little better than that personally, but I do think our Kashmiri friend has a point, don’t you?

So please take anything I say about Islam as tentative, and be critical of it… I am still thinking. But we should all do that, as one of the big problems we have had in the West is not being informed enough or thinking enough…

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