RUMFITT Jeremy, First Strike, Cambridge, Vanguard Press 2004

18 Nov


Talk about romans-a-clef!

In the aftermath of 9th September and the run up to the Iraq war, US President Mike Santos rides high in the polls. But to stay there he needs Saddam Hussein’s scrotum, hanging from his gun belt. When Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service uncovers a terrorist plot to detonate a dirty Bomb in Washington DC, Alex Bowman is dispatched to the States to help the US authorities deal with the problem. The leading hawk in the US cabinet, Secretary of Defence, Karl Herzfeld, pressures the CIA to conjure up the missing evidence of WMDs he needs to justify the war. When the CIA fails to produce the necessary data Herzfeld resolves to facilitate the detonation of the Dirty Bomb, pin the blame on Saddam Hussein and justify the war…

This from Surry Hills Library, and my current light reading. How good it is I am not sure yet, but I love the idea of the GWB figure who is the first president to speak English as a second language… I always suspected that 😉 Seriously, Rumfitt manages to provide in his fictional take on recent events possibly the most truthful account of the US-UK “special relationship” and the actual import of Saddam’s WMD, or the futile search therof, that I have read in a long time. Of course when Herzfeld gets into the dirty bomb scenario that is fiction. I think.

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