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The Mine and the Islamists

Since I am at work today, I dropped in at lunchtime on the Islamic Students’ Society. They have had the occasional bit of controversy around them, as you may see above. I was interested to see what they, as intelligent teenage Muslim boys, felt about Cronulla and all that.

The gangs like the one(s) that have been causing trouble for years in Cronulla they utterly reject. “Leb arseholes.” (They mean of course those indulging in antisocial behaviour in groups in public. None of these young Muslims I spoke to today could be accused of bad manners, inconsideration, insensitivity, racism or sexism. But then they are confident, intelligent, and genuinely religious.) “Some of them are really bad people.” (That from a boy who knows the Lakemba/Campsie/Punchbowl area well.) As much to do with Islam as the Hells’ Angels are to do with Christianity. Definitely not practitioners of Islam. “They worry us as much as they worry you.”

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New bridge for Scarborough

Meanwhile there were good things happening locally.

Lawrence Hargrave Drive was closed between Clifton and Coalcliff, north of Wollongong, in July 2003 after rock falls made driving dangerous. The NSW Government announced last year it would build a bridge to provide residents with a reliable and safe road. It will open up access to the northern Wollongong suburbs of Coalcliff and Stanwell Park, which have been affected by the road closure.

The old road was replaced by two bridges which run parallel to the coast, about 30 metres to the east. One spans the southern headland, the other the middle headland, with both connecting to form the bridge. The road then returns to the existing route through the northern headland.

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