Christmas Day

25 Dec

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M turned up last night with a box of chocolates. My brother rang first thing this morning from Tasmania, where it is 13 Celsius, unlike Sydney (40-ish yesterday!) Just back from church now — really nice. Lots of hugs. Even kisses: Sam’s was good 😉 Now to Sirdan’s for lunch, and the idea after that is to kidnap Lord Malcolm for a while.

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The best entries 2005 collection includes: two from May 2005, three from June 2005, four from July, three from August, three from September, six from October, eight from November, and three from December. That’s it for now!

Do look: I am happy with the way things look on Angelfire, if not so happy with the popups. The on-page ads however are usually tasteful. This “best of” site is a really good way to review a representative sample of my better rants and reviews.

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