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Book Reviews by Danny Yee (fiction nonfiction)

dy.jpgThis Australian site is well worth visiting. Who is Danny Yee?

In February 1992 I was an unmotivated computer science postgrad, spending way too much time playing computer games (netrek and xbattle). I can’t remember what prompted me, but I started writing short descriptions of the books I was reading and mailing them to twenty or so friends. My goals were to keep in touch with my friends, to make myself think more carefully about what I read, and to start discussions about books…

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NSW Department of Education and Training Home Page

I find I have some bureaucratic hoops to go through before I am officially retired. I was in fact misinformed about this at The Mine because my employment has been a touch odd: I resigned in fact in the early 1980s and have been “casual” and lately (in part) “temporary teacher ESL”. I now find I must fill in a “separation form” — the above is my search for that. Guess what? They do not have the form online! You can only get them in schools. So I must report to The Mine on day one next year to get the form.

Actually I was going in anyway to tidy up a few things…

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