Irish Convicts to NSW 1791 – 1831

06 Jan

This database contains details of Irish convicts who were transported to New South Wales in the period 1791 – 1831. It is very good.

Whitfield, Jacob Ship: Isabella I [1822] 1820 Tyrone Co Sentence: Life Occupation: Ploughman.

I doubt he would have made much use of the family crest I showed you yesterday.

What a different Sydney he arrived in!

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His first accommodation was here:

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And he slept in these:

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I have been in that room, and you can hear the ghosts! Well, that could be the atmospheric sounds they play for the tourists…

Apparently for a while he worked on the Great North Road.

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Where his son lived in the 1830s and 1840s really was within 500 metres of where I live today. This is Strawberry Hills, and the X marks the spot. Actually it is the building centre just over the road, but you get the idea.

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Here is where I live. That big tree, a Port Jackson fig, on the right may well have witnessed that ancestor of mine. It certainly is an old tree.

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Sorry about all those pics you had to wait for, but it’s not a verbal day today.

Hope you found it interesting.

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