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Pastoral Bible Foundation / Christian Community Bible

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy edition of the Christian Community Bible (Quezon City, Claretian Publications, Edition II 1988) dates from 1989 and is inscribed “in memory of Rob”. (I may reinstate a story I wrote about that which used to be online but no longer is. If I do, I will make it a special entry on Angelfire.) It is the version I most often read these days. Despite the English at times being clunky, it is usually clear and, from what I know, accurate. It has not been made politically correct by having its language doctored in the interests of gender inclusiveness, more on which later. The historical notes are generally good, but what I most appreciate is that it reflects its Third World origins in the illustrations and in many of its comments which partake more than a bit of liberation theology. Of course being Catholic it makes some doctrinal comments that I can take or leave. And you get more books, being Catholic.

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