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Anniversary of Tiananmen

Marcel Proust tells me my blogs are unreachable in China, though I believe they were reachable last month in Hong Kong. Given the above, I am not surprised — in fact, if I am being blocked I am honoured! I guess all those nice things I have been saying about Jung Chang’s life of Mao Zedong won’t have made my sites China-friendly either.

And Mao: The Unknown Story continues to impress me. It makes a very good case indeed for Mao’s role in the war against Japan as being somewhat less heroic, and rather more Machiavellian, than the official story asserts. And that’s just one of many significant contributions the book makes to a more balanced assessment of Mao.

Like the period they indulged in the opium trade…

It is small wonder that Pol Pot became such a monster: he was really just “improving” a little on his role model. Helps to make sense of Robert Mugabe too, sadly.

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