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12 Feb


And I am glad they did. I saw Madama Butterfly not in the Park on January 28, to which this article refers, but in the Opera Theatre at Sydney Opera House last night, thanks to Marcel Proust who had a spare ticket. The staging and direction were absolutely first-rate, and the singing from some of the lesser-known principals of the Australian Opera was better than adequate. I thought the tenor (Rosario La Spina) good, though of distinctly Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern appearance…

We were seated right on top of the orchestra pit just behind the conductor, who was so close one could have tapped him on the shoulder. It was an ideal position to listen to the orchestra very much as the conductor himself would hear them. I was reminded yet again that no sound system on earth has yet been able to capture the sound of live music perfectly. It was a treat, and an unexpected one I could never otherwise have afforded.

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