The Writing Show : The View from Ireland, with author Kevin Stevens

28 Mar

This is a great interview, ranging through many books and authors. But who, some may be asking, is Kevin Stevens? The short answer is that he is an ex-pat Boston writer who now lives in Ireland. I have recently read his first novel, The Rizzoli Contract (2003). Even if I had worked out who was at the bottom of the mess a bit soonish, I still loved it. The blurb:

A tense and compelling story of mafia conspiracies – and murder With nothing to lose, and a legal safety net to protect all profits – Harry Donohue is on to a winner. By publishing the story of Bobby Rizzoli, and the notorious New England bank heist, Harry hopes to put an end to the financial worries that have been hanging over him and the crooked accounts of the family printing business for good. The more Harry knows though, the more complicated things become, and in a world where knowledge can be dangerous, Harry finds himself at the centre of a sinister political scam – one far bigger than he ever anticipated. Caught up in the dealings of the bureaucratic underworld, the difficulty Harry now faces is not whether he can pull off the Rizzoli deal, but who he can trust to help him do it.

Great sense of time and place, and a sharp look at how US politics works.

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One response to “The Writing Show : The View from Ireland, with author Kevin Stevens

  1. Paula Berinstein

    May 5, 2006 at 3:37 am

    Thanks for mentioning Mick Halpin’s interview with Kevin Stevens, ninglun. You might also enjoy his interview with author/playwright/journalist John MacKenna on the writer’s life, just posted on The Writing Show this week.

    Haloscan 29 March 2006

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