The Rabbit takes the plunge

05 Apr

Mudgee — nice wine district that. Or maybe around Tumut where one could become a trout-fisher, but that’s a bit far from Sydney. Then there’s the Southern Highlands. Cool in several senses.


No reason for that, except 1) it is in the Southern Highlands and 2) I like steam trains.

Then there’s the South Coast, as long as it isn’t too far south. The Hunter Valley maybe? Lots of wine there.

There’s probably a better chance of a decent country appointment as old bastards like me retire or drop off the perch. And I really can see The Rabbit as a country person. Mind you, the more isolated and problematic the place the more brownie points for the future, that’s true. And someone has to teach in Wilcannia…

Just don’t read Wake in Fright, that’s all.

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