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Interlude 2: Marcel’s teaching experience

My fellow WordPress blogger Marcellous has written a funny and honest account of  life as an English teacher, even if he hints at a darker side. I can relate only too well to “scheming against a female head of English” as I saw that (and the reverse: a head of English scheming against the English staff) on at least three occasions. On the other hand I have also worked in English Departments where the harmony was very strong and few situations can be more pleasant. Unfortunately the reverse of that can be unbelievably stressful and destructive. In my case this even at one time led to as near to a breakdown as I would ever want to get. It certainly led to my leaving teaching for a period.

Marcellous went on to become a barrister. I didn’t…

But let me quote part of his post, and I hope he writes on this theme again:

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A passion for learning

The fourth principle Andrew Metcalfe and Ann Game derive from their corpus of interviews is:

Although students remember the passion of their teachers, the vitality of the classroom is an energy that teachers and students produce together. The successful teacher must be able to receive, if they are to be able to give. Because this energy isn’t flowing in one direction, passion has the undistracted stillness that learning requires.

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