How to maintain classroom discipline (1947)

06 Oct

Not all of it is irrelevant sixty years later… Groundhog Day! Really! To be honest, I have been Mr Grimes I as well as Mr Grimes II — but never in Maths, of course.

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4 responses to “How to maintain classroom discipline (1947)

  1. Antony Shen

    October 11, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    “To be honest, I have been Mr Grimes (…)”

    So you’ve failed more than half the students in your class?

    I take that you’ve also issued detentions at your will without proper justice, this may sadly be allowed, however extremely unethical, and deplorable.

    Furthermore, I take that you enjoyed threatening students with the possibilities of repeating the class.

    A teacher prohibiting students from sneezing their noses should be sued and shamed on national TV such as Today Tonight or A Current Affair.

    Antony Shen.

  2. ninglun

    October 11, 2007 at 1:52 pm

    Any teacher no matter how brilliant will have at times been Mr Grimes I, especially early in their career and at times like last period Friday with a difficult class.

    Antony, the quality of educational analysis and discussion on those so-called current affairs shows (properly sent up on The Chaser week after week) would have to be the lowest, most ignorant, and most unreliable analysis you could ever hope to avoid. They are 99.9% crap amd 85% entertainment — I give them that at least.

  3. Antony Shen

    October 12, 2007 at 12:27 pm

    So you are defending teachers’ disgraceful attitudes on treating students. Well, you are entitled to, but I don’t see the need to.

    Further, The Chaser is a show making so called practical jokes at the expenses of public, shops and pedestrians included. The team should be arrested, tortured, hanged. As for the current affairs shows on commercial TVs, they are of the best TV shows on Earth. Although they might have slightly exaggerated certain situations, they provide a great opportunity for average taxpayers to have their say, to point out many dirty practices and unethical treatments many big companies and even government deploy. Best of them, they helped average taxpayers to shame those should be condemned publicly and effectively.

    Those current affairs shows cover things happened in our daily lives, unlike other taxpayer funded channels focusing on political issues that don’t concern average people most of the time or things happen kilometres apart.

  4. ninglun

    October 12, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    All I am saying, Antony, is that no teacher is perfect. Most of us fall back into bad practices under pressure; it would be dishonest to say we never do or never have. You try teaching maybe 180 adolescents per day sometimes for two or three hours without a break and see what happens.

    I hope you are joking about The Chaser team (even if I don’t like all that they do as they go too far sometimes) because what you say about that is just a little bit insane, I’m afraid. I assume you are using overstatement humorously; I hope so anyway.

    As for TDT et cetera, they are the equivalent of a good gossip over the backyard fence and will, I admit, do useful things especially in the area of consumer protection. But they are playing a game, too, which is mostly about ratings. They know that; that’s their main reason for existing — to lock you into that channel, if possible, rather than the rival channels. But mostly what they do is just gossip.

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