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Chaser on tabloid TV and Asians

This is a very sharp comment both on the Citizenship Trivial Pursuit Test and on sleaze journalism. LANGUAGE WARNING: The following video may offend someone even though broadcast as is on ABC-TV in September. I loved it.

Hard to be more Australian than that last guy; he should pass the test. 🙂
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Meanwhile on another channel

Hat tip to Thomas for that title. He recently lamented the “sad fact that more people will have been watching Kath & Kim on channel 7, while on channel 9 at the same time there were separate interviews with John Howard and Kevin Rudd (both quite good) about the election.” I would like to lament the fact that on Monday night more people would have been watching the Infotainments on Channels 7 and 9 or the soap on 10 than watched Message Stick on ABC, and it was a particularly relevant episode.

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My English teachers 1

Fifty years ago my English teacher was a Mr Harrison. He could claim just enough eccentricity, often a quality in an inspiring teacher, as he was famous for weaving and making his own suits. What he was especially good at was reading aloud. I still remember his reading of The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico as particularly magic. In my own teaching career there have been times, I like to think, when inspired by Mr Harrison’s memory I too have held a class captive by reading something or other. This has been especially valuable with classes who are not all that good at reading. I can remember doing things like serialising novels: Robbery Under Arms and Kidnapped come to mind, not to mention a Macbeth where I took all the parts for a scene or two, and it was only when in a Wollongong HSC class I began to read parts of Patrick White’s The Tree of Man aloud that I saw for myself how good it in fact is! I would urge all English teachers to develop this old-fashioned skill.

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