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John Howard on Iraq

In the debate John Howard continued to skip over the question whether the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 had increased or reduced the threat of terrorism. My own view is that that decision was a bad decision at the time, but now of course we are stuck with the consequences. I further believe that the Iraq War has done little to solve the problem of terrorism and much to compound the problem. See this series of posts, but especially this one from 17 October 2006, and watch the following.
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My English teachers 3

As best I recall I first encountered Dr Derick Marsh in 1962 when he was tutor to the Distinction Course group I was then in, which included future High Court Justice John Dyson Heydon who went on to pursue History rather than English, I believe. Back in those days tutors tended to smoke pipes, and Dr Marsh had mastered the art of volcanic eruptions of smoke whenever things were getting dull. He would also sometimes start on a quite risible interpretation of a text just to see whether we dutifully agreed with him, a technique I have since used with cleverer senior classes.

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