Jim Belshaw was quick off the mark…

26 Oct

Yes, Jim posted this yesterday. Now it is front page news in the Sydney Morning Herald: YouTube revolutionaries upstage the party machine.

Very funny, but for the sake of my US friend Kevin I should add that this is comedy…

Hugh Atkin, 23, a law student at Sydney University, has scored a big hit on the internet with his clip that depicts Kevin Rudd as a Chairman Mao figure in a video styled on Chinese propaganda films.

“Rudd impress and frighten Australian person with his earnestness offensive,” reads the alleged translation of the Chinese commentary, set to heroic music.

“He unnerve decrepit Howard by deploying clever principle of ‘similar difference’. Leader Rudd declares swift and violent Education Revolution.”

Atkin posts about one video a week on YouTube, in between studying, essays and exams. “Video editing is just a bit of a hobby,” he says…

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