Daily Archives: October 30, 2007

Christian Lobby urges protection of frogs and unborn babies

It is good to see what strikes me as humour, of a kind, on Catholic News. The reference is to The Australian Christian Lobby who have been talking up their Australia Votes site — Provided as a service to the community of voters across Australia by the Australian Christian Lobby. While I reached it from the ACL site you will notice how modestly Australia Votes advertises its connection at the foot of the page. Some might see that as excessively modest.

Jim Wallace is not so modest when he claims to be speaking for the 64% of the population who identify as Christian. Rather, it might be said, he is indulging in fantasy 1) because his position is by no means that of Christians as such, but only of certain schools of Christianity and 2) that 64% strikes me as very hopeful indeed.

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