06 Nov

Thanks, Jim Belshaw, for mentioning my Sam Goldberg post on History of Australian and New Zealand Thought.

Interesting post on Neil Whitfield’s blog, Old teachers never die, on Sam Goldberg, Challis Professor of English at Sydney University. The post has links to other posts Neil has written about Professor Goldberg.

An inspiring teacher, Professor Goldberg was part of the Leavisite wave. Whereas this group established a strong base at Melbourne University, Sydney proved more resistant. Neil’s post provides an insight into the story.

I discovered the reference when someone from Oxford came calling via Jim’s post.

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  1. Jim Belshaw

    November 6, 2007 at 5:39 pm

    Tis a pleasure, Neil. Glad you got a visitor. The visitor in question was just visitor 194 to the new site, looked at three pages, then went on to you.

    With just 15 posts so far on HANZT, it will be a while before the site gets to a decent level. So a click-through is very welcome indeed.

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