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18 Nov

I have written about climate change before; my principal entry is The Great Global Warming Swindle Swindle. Now we have the full story at last from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. John Howard: The world isn’t coming to an end tomorrow… That quip I found hollow, given his late “conversion” and the marked tendency until a very short time ago — continuing in some cases — for so-called “scepticism” to dominate his side of politics, especially through their prominent culture warriors: Timmy, the Clown Prince of Climate Scepticism, for example, and Miranda…

The IPCC Report Summary PDF

Meanwhile Howard is still coming up with ill-considered “interventions”, this one to increase the likelihood of crime by sitting on the welfare payments of convicted drug offenders:

Prime Minister John Howard has announced that a re-elected Coalition government would take control of at least 12 months’ worth of welfare payments for criminals convicted of offences involving heroin, cocaine or amphetamines.

His own very conservative advisory committee on the subject — not known for “soft of drugs” — are concerned.

Australian National Council on Drugs executive director Gino Vumbaca says there is a risk that drug users would resort to crime or other means to pay for their habits. He says if the policy is to be effective it would need to be accompanied by extra funding for treatment and rehabilitation programs.

“What we have to be careful of here is often there are good intentions for policy, but you have to look at potential or unintended consequences,” he said. “What we don’t want to do is make a policy change where we end up placing children or families at more risk or the community at more risk from levels of crime. Australia needs to dramatically introduce (? increase?) its access to treatment so that people with substance abuse can seek assistance.”

Since when have unintended consequences concerned the Howard government? Really, think about the record… Iraq. Immigration. Anti-terror laws. Industrial Relations. The NT intervention.

This mob have to go, they really do! Remember, it may not be “in the bag” despite the polls. It all depends what individual key electorates decide. Popular majority has before today failed to deliver government…

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