Not just Oz Politics 2

19 Nov

If you have been under a rock lately, here is the weekend’s news as seen in Canada, which has these days a government more in thrall to counter-pressures than it used to be:

Download ABC Sydney report mp3.

Here is a summary for Australians taken from the latest IPCC report. You may access a full summary of the report on the previous post.


Neither major party here is admirable on this, though Labor is somewhat better than the current lot. The Greens may well be right, but by the time we find out…


ABC News: Debnam breaks ranks on Kyoto

Former New South Wales Liberal leader Peter Debnam has broken ranks with the Federal Coalition, saying the Kyoto protocol should have been ratified long ago.

The New South Wales Opposition energy spokesman has told an energy conference clean coal is an oxymoron and nuclear power is not a realistic option for Australia. The Federal Coalition has refused to ratify the Kyoto protocol on climate change and insists nuclear energy must be considered.

Mr Debnam says clean energy options are staring Australia in the face and the country has to grab clean sustainable energy strategies. “In Australia we’ve been distracted by vested interests and by everything else imaginable, including the prolonged Kyoto debate,” he said. “I wish we had ratified Kyoto long ago and then we could have led the world with bold initiatives in clean energy.”

He’s in John Howard’s party…

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4 responses to “Not just Oz Politics 2

  1. Thomas

    November 20, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    When I saw that Debnam had come out against Howard & Co., I was never more in favour of him than then and there! It was fantastic to see quite a high profile figure come out against his party’s leader and just contradict everything John has been spouting.

    All of a sudden I was wishing that Debnam was back at the front of NSW politics …

  2. ninglun

    November 20, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    He may return.

  3. Thomas

    November 20, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    I think Barry will stay through to the next election and win. However, with the branches, I suspect that Debnam will get something high profile. That is, if the party forgets about him speaking out.

  4. ninglun

    November 20, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    If the Libs lose on Saturday it may become a good idea to have spoken out… I really don’t think he calculated that, as I do think he was just speaking his mind, something (in my biased opinion but I did spend a year working in a Liberal Party campaign headquarters once — aka a bookshop) that in the current party has not been highly valued. (The Liberal candidate I worked for actually used to call Howard a f-ing fascist! But that was in another age.)

    Barry is good, and Debnam did screw up, even though he may have had help with that. My Chinese friend M was at Kerry Chikarovski’s “wake” when she lost — M was a drinks waiter, but very observant. His view was that if Kerry had just been allowed to be herself she might have got somewhere. He also observed Howard up close and personal that night, and has detested him ever since…

    Saturday will be interesting. Where I am my vote makes no difference, except in the Senate, as Tanya Plibersek is sure to get in, as always, though the Greens may run her down a bit. I do have friends in Wentworth though…

    If Labor wins that will be the best gift NSW Libs ever had; the tide is sure to turn against Iemma then. I think we have had wall-to-wall Labor governments as a kind of insurance against John Howard, but when he’s gone it will go the other way.

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