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Christmas bush


Yes, that is NSW Christmas Bush, so named because it flowers at this time of the year. It is a plant full of nostalgia for me, as my early childhood home in Sutherland had a fine specimen, as did many a yard in that area.


There are a number of such plants, varying from state to state.

The YouTube meditation below is beautiful, and not at all sectarian.

A meditation for the first week of Advent

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Erhu at Central Station

Devonshire Street Surry Hills dives underground at Central Station, becoming a pedestrian way emerging at Railway Square. It is much loved of buskers, not only because of the frequent traffic, but also because of the acoustics. Today the tunnel was filled with the haunting, melancholy sound of the erhu, that most beautiful of Chinese instruments.

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World AIDS Day 2007

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aids_ribbon.gifI cannot contemplate this today without recalling Malcolm Gordon Gleeson (25 May 1957-1 June 2007).

The Age of AIDS.

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