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On not inflaming hatreds: update 1

I just watched the documentary by Tom Zubrycki on SBS, Temple of Dreams (2007). It very much lived up to the pre-publicity. As Keith Austin says in the Sydney Morning Herald:

… it’s fascinating to watch and a great insight into an area of our city that’s too often ignored by the mainstream media.

Take note of the three young women who are the brains behind the throne. They make Fadi look like he’s copped one too many to the head in the centre’s boxing ring.

Watch this and Race For The Beach if only for the mirror they are able to hold up to Australian society. The good is pretty good but the bad so much so that with any luck some of these people will watch themselves tonight and be ashamed. Whatever happened to a fair go?

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Aboriginal language education in Western Sydney

81095216-37055528.jpgA few days ago Jim Belshaw and I engaged in a comment thread on my post 24 hours ago…, initially about the apparent contrast between Brendan Nelson and Malcolm Turnbull on the issue of an apology to Indigenous Australians. As the thread progressed the subject of Aboriginal languages arose.

Tonight there was a magazine-style story on ABC News about Chifley College, “a Government secondary school located in a low socio-economic area of Western Sydney. The Dunheved Campus is for Years 7-10. Of the campus’ 403 students, 20 per cent identify as Aboriginal. (A further 17 per cent identify as Pacific Islander.)” The story does not appear to be online.

They have a program which has revived and is teaching the Dharug language, once the main Aboriginal language of Western Sydney. The outcomes in academic performance and self-esteem have been most encouraging.

See the following PDF files:
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Dispatches from another America

Original version quoted at the head of Elisabeth Sifton’s book:

God give us grace
to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
courage to change the things
that should be changed,
and the wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

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Past the first 100 visits here…

That happened around 10.30 pm last night. Not bad. I hope people get used to the new configuration of my blog collection fairly quickly.

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