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Blame Thomas! 😉

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US Presidential: the Republican side

I haven’t been following (or commenting on) this at all. Thomas, currently very festive on his blog, has taken an interest in the US Presidential race and does seem very well informed. See for example Bad polls, good polls:

Shed a tear for all Republicans. Mike Huckabee polled a … wait … wait … get your belief-goggles on … polled a massive 22 point lead in Iowa! Newsweek released their latest poll, and he had the double-digit lead over second placed Romney. This is terrible news for the averages, as it boost Huckabee’s lead 5.2 points. He’s been swapping the lead with Romney for a few months now. I hoped that by not reporting about it, it would disappear …

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Best reads of 2007

In case you don’t follow the feeds on the right I thought I’d draw attention to 2007 in review: 13 — Best reads of 2007: fiction on Old Lines from a Floating Life.

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