Visualising our identities in a pluralist world

22 Dec

I love this which came my way via The Art of Change whose author left a comment just now over at Indigenous.


Carolom’s explanation:

My Art of Creating C.H.A.N.G.E., Harm to Harmony and Begin Within Art Based Empowerment programs encourage connection and meaning through the mediums of creativity, story, fun and relaxation based on the Mandorla principle.

The Mandorla is the name of the almond shape that is created when two circles meet.

Within the Mandorla we recognise our commonalities that we all share as Human Beings…and the space in the circles outside of the Mandorla is where we celebrate our differences and learn from one another’s stories, culture and beliefs.

What better thing to do over Christmas/Eid/Hannukah/New Year than to meditate on the Mandorla and receive its message? That could be a step on the way to peace on earth, to what Tennyson meant by “the Christ that is to be”.


Denys’s family story at “Political refugees”.

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