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A Christmas tradition

Our Head of State always has something to say on Christmas Day. She now has her very own YouTube Channel, and I think it’s great that octogenarians like her get with technology. I look forward to Facebook next. 😉 She doesn’t allow embedding though; I guess you do have to be careful who embeds a monarch.

I found the 1957 Christmas message interesting. It was the first televised message.

Here is another “first” apparently:
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Yesterday: interim post updated

South Sydney Uniting Church was interesting today, given recent activities in Camden. What happened was that I raised the matter of Fred Nile and Camden during the intercessionary prayer part of the service in terms not dissimilar to Christmas poem #4: “The Place Where We Are Right” — dedicated to Fred Nile and his like… I have to admit to being a bit hesitant about that, but I need not have worried as I encountered total agreement.*

I commend God in a World of Christians and Muslims, a sermon (September 30 2001) by the Reverend Dr Martin Forward; I alluded to it and to his excellent book Jesus: a short biography in October 2005.

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