2007 turns to 2008: 1 — how to feel like Methuselah in one easy TV show

30 Dec

I watched Wallis and Edward on ABC tonight, a 2005 Company Pictures effort for BBC, and rather well done I have to say. Curiously, it was made in Latvia.

My mother used to say that in her younger days people said she rather looked like the Duchess of Windsor; she was not entirely flattered. The Abdication was felt even here in Australia, I believe; my brother was born the year before…

Now to my aging. It is a fact the Abdication occurred just twenty years before I was in the equivalent of Year 8; seems nothing to me now, twenty years. (I was a stamp collector then, as The Rabbit may recall, as he saw the surviving evidence, and among my collection was one Edward VIII stamp, probably collected around 1956.)  At that stage anything pre-war was definitely antediluvian from my perspective, though I quite clearly recall King George VI and our singing “God Save the King” in school.

Now next year it will be twenty years since the Australian Bicentennial. That I find hard to credit. At that time I was working at the Jewish school at St Ives (which may make me the original St Ives correspondent) — a part of Sydney I felt I needed a visa for I have to say. During my time there, as I mentioned earlier this year, one of my students had the chutzpah — and good on him — to go and visit Bruce Dawe, an Australian poet we were studying for the 1989 HSC, to see what he might find out from The Source. Funnily enough that very student, now 37, left a comment the other day on English/ESL.

Remember me? I was in your English and Ancient History classes at Masada Coll. in ‘88 and ‘89. I saw you again in Newtown in ‘97. I am well; hope you are too.

Warmest regards, Neil.

I might add it was THE Newtown of happy memory where I saw him in 97… 😉

Two years after the Bicentennial I met M — who is off to Antarctica next week!

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