Here is a convenient index to all those “What did I post about…?” entries.

  1. 2008 in review 7: what did I post about in January 2008?
  2. 2008 in review 8: what did I post about in February 2008?
  3. 2008 in review 9: what did I post about in March 2008?
  4. 2008 in review 17: what did I post about in April 2008?
  5. 2008 in review 16: what did I post about in May 2008?
  6. 2008 in review 15: what did I post about in June 2008?
  7. 2008 in review 14: what did I post about in July 2008?
  8. 2008 in review 13: what did I post about in August 2008?
  9. 2008 in review 12: what did I post about in September 2008?
  10. 2008 in review 11: what did I post about in October 2008?
  11. 2008 in review 10: what did I post about in November 2008?
  12. December 2008: see below.

What did I post about in December 2008?

Floating Life

1 December: This time last year. 2 December: Not posting with much seriousness, or let’s lighten up a little…; A couple of serious quick responses to TV…; Check the photoblog… 3 December: Local papers. 4 December: Who are the ones with an agenda? 5 December: A blog is not a book, or random thoughts on important topics; The photoblog’s first seven days. 6 December: A year ago…; South Sydney Herald: end of year celebration at Abduls. 7 December: 2008 in review 1: hot posts over the year on Floating Life; Sirdan’s back.

8 December: 2008 in review 2: hot posts on Ninglun’s Specials; 2008 in review 3: categories in the new photoblog; 2008 in review 4: things people come looking for; We knew him just as “Dark Cloud”. 9 December: 2008 in review 5: Of course I am not obsessive…; Camden on the Gold Coast?; Plant report, and other bits… 10 December: Competition, cross-cultural roadblocks and petty corruption; 2008 in review 6: hot posts on English/ESL. 11 December: Pesky spam comment development…; Chicago!; Teh Marcket as a 21st century ghoulie or phantasm…; Fantastic, but another reason to feel old!; Festive look. 12 December: Cholera? What cholera?; My last Top Read of 2008: Damian Thompson, “Counterknowledge” (Atlantic Books 2008); Something good that began under the Howard government…. 13 December: Such is time… Stream of consciousness, almost…; Photoblog: More Best of 2008 completed. 14 December: What’s what for the week ending 13 December; Bonus pic: Surry Hills Christmas; He sneers, he smears, he ponces, he attitudinises…; 25th NSW Schools Spectacular.

15 December: Yesterday; Ken Boston outsources, falls on sword…. 16 December: Too busy to blog!; Very quick assertions, not arguments, about the Rudd government’s climate package. 17 December: From left field, off the wall, and similar Christmas musings 1; Official seal. 18 December: Missed out again!; Random. 19 December: Blogs that have come this way… . 20 December: Quick stats update; What is history? Not so easy to answer….  21 December: 2008 in review 18: best pics?; To Sirdan’s new flat….

22 December: From Surry Hills Library: Griffith Review Winter 2008 – Cities on the Edge.  23 December: Christmas drought; The Rudd government is not infallible…; From left field, off the wall, and similar Christmas musings 2.  24 December: See you in a day or two…  Christmas Day: South Sydney Christmas. Boxing Day: Christmas Day in Surry Hills and East Redfern; Best reads of 2008.  27 December: Think space: crystal ball gazing; Sydney’s Wayside Chapel, King’s Cross; Quick Saturday stats; Good news on the Cricket….  28 December: Visitor #300,000; Post about the weather…; The Blood of My Brother: A Story of Death in Iraq (2005) ****; It’s time for every person in the world who cares for human rights… …to condemn the attacks on Gaza. 29 December: This sounds fascinating: “638 Ways to Kill Castro” on ABC tonight; Australian poetry on Floating Life. 30 December: The top fifteen posts for 2008 – up to 30 December; Biorhythms. 31 December: 2008 going, going…. 2009 – a year of living dangerously. That’s all, folks!

Ninglun’s Specials

1 December: Sights of old Sydney 3: Sydney in 1848. 2 December: Sights of old Sydney 4: Cleveland House, Surry Hills; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 11: Found! 4 December: My best original photo so far?; Surry Hills: Looking for Jacob 12: Zeroing in. 6 December: Looking back on “Looking for Jacob” – and Surry Hills 1900. 12 December: Top poems 3: Robert Southwell “The Burning Babe”. 14 December: Sunday lunch was at the Porter House. 15 December: If you have enjoyed the “Looking for Jacob” series…. 16 December: The things you see….  17 December: Top poems 4: John Donne “Nativity”.  18 December: That window again…. 19 December: Top poems 5: Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) — “The Oxen”. 20 December: Closely watched planes 6: flying boats. 21 December: A friend’s new apartment. 26 December: What’s been on Ninglun’s Specials in 2008; 30 December: Surry Hills afternoon: Japanese surfers and friend.

Neil’s modest photo blog December 2008

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